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Provide opportunities for individuals to develop skills and abilities that promote self-esteem and independence through productive meaningful activities in recreation, leisure, retirement, volunteerism, employment and skill development.

Services are provided on an individual or group basis and specifically develop knowledge and skills in communications, personal and civic responsibility, safety, self-help, life skills, health, wellness, volunteerism, employment, recreation, leisure, socialization and community participation. Activity

Services are offered between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday at 123 Franklyn Road, 2476 Main Street in West Kelowna or in community. Individuals may choose, depending on the availability of service space, to attend half days, full days, every day, or only certain days and/or certain times. Activity Service employment supports maybe provided outside of regular service hours.

Funding for this service is provided by CLBC and through various grants. There may be costs associated with specific activities that are paid by individuals choosing to attend. There may be a fee charged as outlined in the Pathways Abilities Society Entrance, Transfer, Increase and Discontinuation of Service policy and procedure for attendees not specifically referred to Pathways Abilities Society for service.

People with diverse abilities currently volunteer at the following: Arion Farms, BC Cancer Society, Bibles for Mission Thrift Store, Compassionate Canada (Holly Rollers), Gifts For Grandmas, Mountainview, Humane Society, SPCA, Sunpointe, Spring Valley Care Center, Trinity Baptist Church, Village at Millcreek, Westbank Child Development Center, TRACS, Westbank United Church Thrift Store, White Heather Manor, Kelowna Friendship Centre, MCC Thrift Store, Pine Acres, Adopt a Book, YMCA, Inn from the Cold, Freedom’s Door, Bethesda, Kelowna Women’s Shelter, Village at Smith Creek, Women’s Shelter Thrift Store, First Lutheran Church and assisting non-profit animal societies.

We have contributed thousands of hours to our community.

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Provide opportunities for paid work by providing employment supports to find, secure and maintain employment.

Services offer assessments, education, planning, skill development, support, on-site training, job coaching, development of natural supports, monitoring, follow up and the retention required to find and maintain long term employment.

Days and hours are dependent on the employment support needs of the person and/or employer. Office hours are 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

The main office is located at 1216 St. Paul St.. Funding for this service is provided through CLBC and through various grants.

Benefits to Employers

• Pre-screening

• Pre-assessments

• Enthusiasm

• Capability Selection

• Support Workers

• On-Site Training

• Quality Assurance

• Employer Satisfaction

• Follow-up

• Benefits to Employees

• Employment Assistance

• Secure & Retain A Job

• Financial Independence

• Class & Tour Participation

• Self-esteem Enhancement

• Self-Direction Growth

• Personal Goal-Setting

• Community Respect

• Pride of Contribution

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Provides employment opportunities for individuals who have barriers to employment.

Pathways Abilities Society contracts with community employers. Individuals work under the supervision and support of Pathways Abilities Society for part of or their entire shift.

Services are provided typically in a group and specifically develop knowledge and skills in communication and employment. The service supports individuals who require supervision for health and safety reasons and/or require supervision for issues that may jeopardize the health and safety of others in the work environment or who may not be able to complete all tasks and require a staff to carryout vital roles in order that the work can be completed.

Days and hours are dependent on the contract. Office hours are 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The main office is located at 1216 St. Paul Street. Funding for this service is provided through CLBC and contracts.

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Provide services that are directed by the person with direct funding, their family and/or support network.

Times and days of service are directed by each IF contract.

Funding sources vary.

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Provide a safe, respectful, healthy and supportive service to assist individuals to live interdependently in a manner that reflects their lifestyle choices.

Services help individuals develop knowledge and skills in communications, personal and civic responsibility, safety, self-help, domestic, health, wellness, hygiene, recreation, leisure, socialization, life skills and community participation.

Supports and services hours are provided as outlined in each contract which is typically when the person or persons are home.

This service is offered in private homes as well as agency owned location(s). Funding for this service is provided through CLBC and private sources.

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Provide community based evening and weekend social recreation opportunities to individuals to assist them in developing friendships.

Social recreation activities are scheduled on a monthly calendar sent to participating individuals on the 10th of the month preceding the activities.

Days, times and activities vary from month-to-month. The Social Recreation services are offered directly in community venues.

Funding for this service is provided by CLBC and through various grants. Any costs associated with specific activities are paid by individuals choosing to attend.

Transportation may be provided to people living independently or with elderly family members who are unable to drive or access public transportation.

To participate in events, individuals must pre-register and pre-pay. Participants will be asked regularly what they want to do! Registration may cover activities over a period of time or may be limited to one-time activities. Supports may include but are not limited to: transportation (outlined above), assistance with ticket purchases, planning and support at the events.

Events are on evenings and weekends and the cost and location are predetermined through the schedule. Please check out the monthly calendars of events. Click here to see our current monthly calendar of events or check out our events calendar.

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Provide assistance to individuals to enable them to live independently in their own homes.

Times and days of services depend on the need of the individual. This service is offered in the homes of individuals served and in various community venues.

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Provide opportunities for individuals to travel; to rest, relax and have experiences outside their own community.

A travel club plan is developed annually.

Dates, duration of events and trips vary from year-to-year. Funding for staff for this service is provided by Pathways Abilities Society. Travel participants pay their own travel expenses and the travel of their supports.

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Individuals can receive services from Pathways:

– Whose goals can be achieved in a Pathways setting.

– Who get along with individuals currently receiving service.

– Whose support needs are well matched with the resources available.

The following will be considered: amount of staff support required, emotional support required, physical support required and the amount of money available to provide the required supports.

Before a person can start receiving service from Pathways they must complete and give Pathways the following (required information):

– A referral from the funding body, with confirmation from the funding body of their agreement of the placement. Click here to download Information for Families On Requesting CLBC Services. Click here to download Information for Families On Getting CLBC Services.

– Application for Service (completed with Pathways staff).

– Consent and Community Support form.

– Health and/or Support Protocols.

– If the person is at risk of harming themselves or others, an approved Safety Plan that complies with the requirements of the Community Living BC (CLBC) Behavior Support and Safety Planning Policy.

After receiving the information, a Discovery is scheduled. The Discovery helps Pathways gain a better understanding of who the person is and the type of service and/or support they want, need and expect from Pathways.

Persons who apply with pre-existing funding receive priority for placement.

Persons wanting to attend Pathways services with their own support worker and who do not receive service from Pathways can do so based on the following:

– Individuals not attending school can attend for a two week period at no charge. Persons wanting to continue are charged a $5.00 per day attendance fee.

– Students attending for practicum experience or transitional reasons can do so at no charge for the predetermined period.

– Any person can attend the scheduled Social Recreation Evening and Weekend Service activities with their support worker at no charge.

After beginning service, a person can request an increase in service or transfer to other Pathways service areas through a CLBC Facilitator.

Refer to the ENTRANCE, TRANSFER, INCREASE, DISCONTINUATION OF SERVICE policy and procedure for more information.

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