“The Pathways brand embodies the human experience of triumph over adversity; The fulfillment and enrichment of the lives of people with diverse abilities through a structured journey to greater independence and self-sufficiency.

We are a brand that bridges the divide between decades-old misconceptions and a more realistic understanding of the true potential of those in our community with diverse abilities.

Our brand’s core philosophy must always be to acknowledge and encourage, through teaching and guidance, each individual’s right to fulfill their own, individual potential.

Rather than reinforcing our differences and seeking empathy, ours is a message of hope and vision, of respect and shared commonalities.

Like twine, our brand is interwoven through the fabric of our community, connecting the community to our message, and our people, through education, lifeskills instruction and the creation of innovative employment opportunities.

We must not see ourselves, our work or our brand as destinations, but as pathways to individual success; to brighter, more productive and rewarding futures that benefit our  people and the entire community around us.”

At Pathways, we believe that each individual…

Has the same rights and freedoms given to all people in our society and therefore is unique and valued.

Is to be treated equally with dignity and respect.

Has the right to be told about everything that affects his or her life and make their own choices and decisions.

Has the right to speak for them self (self-advocate) or to choose someone to speak for them.

Has the right to live, socialize, work and participate in all parts of community life in the least restrictive environment and should be taught the necessary skills to do so.

•  Has the right to individualized service within the limit of what the society can provide.

Has the right to expect that the society is accountable, advocates when requested or required and positively represents all people.

Has the right to opportunities that provide life long learning and an enriched life.

Has the right to a supportive network of personal relationships with family, friends and advocates.

Is entitled to good health, medical and dental care on a voluntary basis and is to be informed and give consent.

Is entitled to aides or adaptations (something changed or added) that may be needed for greater independence.

Is responsible for his/her own actions and therefore is responsible for the consequences.

In order to achieve this goal on behalf of those we serve, we separate our work and the services we provide into three distinct pillars. Explore the three pillars of our organization; we call them Pathways.


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