Each individual we serve travels their own, unique pathway to achieve their goal of greater independence, striving to reach their full potential based on their own diverse abilities. Each story is different, and we hope by sharing them and testimonials from people who’s lives we’ve touched, you’ll better embrace our people and the work we do.

Read the Personal Pathways of the Wilson Family

The Wilson Family’s Story


Valerie Harwardt:

“The programs Pathways provides to Coley have been wonderful. I see positive behaviors when he comes home now rather than negative. He seems to be less anxious. I am so happy with the services Pathways provides and am glad that staff have listened to my requests and found activities suited to Coley’s needs”.

Heather Yeats:

“We are so thankful to have received the services of Pathways. It has made the world of difference to our son’s self esteem. He is a man at work instead of existing as many of his friends are having to. The world is a hard place for young people – even those with strong academic backgrounds.”

Jim and Angie Greenlay:

“Pathways gives our son something to do. For us as parents, we know our son isn’t sitting around every day. He is doing things, he’s got friends. The staff have been absolutely wonderful. We have never had a problem with anybody. He has had a life that he would never of had living at home. He definitely has a full life”.