The first step to helping assist those with diverse abilities to participate more fully and independently into the community around them, is to educate and inform the community, tear down myths and share the inspiring stories of individual personal pathways; their journey to achieving their potential and more fulfilled lives.

It begins by understanding what diverse abilities means and how the people we serve are overcoming their own challenges. People with diverse abilities, like any of us, are just members of our community, overcoming their own day-to-day obstacles to lead happier, more satisfying lives.

You may not immediately recognize they have diverse abilities, just passing them on the street, so we like to share their stories, which we call personal pathways to give you greater insight into our people and the work we do.

We encourage you to visit our Personal Pathways section and read some of the inspiring, uplifting stories, as told by the people we serve and their families.

For those who getting to know our organization and our people, it might help to understand our needs and where we could really use your support. Visit our Paving Pathways page and learn more about our fundraising efforts.

And for those wanting to truly Embrace our work and those with diverse abilities in our community, we encourage you to get involved and either donate, volunteer or become a Pathway member.

We’re appreciative of all those who have already embraced our organization and the people we serve. Find out more about our supporters here.