People with diverse abilities are just that; individuals with diverse skills, capabilities and potential. As such, our role as an organization dedicated to helping each of those individuals achieve more independent lives is a fluid one, as the end goal for those we serve varies with each individual.

In some cases as it relates to some of the people we serve, our goal is to simply help those individuals enjoy more fulfilled lives through teaching skills that enable people to live and work independently.

Many of the people served by Pathways are eager to gain permanent full and or part-time employment and contribute to their community as paid, employees, ambitious to do a great job and help the businesses and organizations with whom they work to achieve success.

We’ve developed a program called Partners In Employment, designed to encourage localPartners businesses and organizations to support our efforts and create employment opportunities for those with diverse abilities.

We know our employment partners take pride in providing these opportunities and helping to further develop personal growth and greater independence for those they employ. For this reason, we’re happy to provide both window decals and web seals to all our Partners In Employment that they can proudly display at their places of business and on their websites.

If you believe your business or organization might be a potential candidate for employing someone with diverse abilities contact us by email at or contact us by phone at 250-763-9499 or 250-763-4839.