Our goal at Pathways is simple; to empower each of those we serve with the tools, resources, knowledge and guidance to realize their own individual potential and achieve a greater degree of independence.

It begins with our expert staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to assist those with diverse abilities, both at our facilities and out in the community to learn the skills they need to live their lives to the fullest, and in many cases acquire permanent employment.

Our organization has developed a complete portfolio of services designed to assist with learning skills and building confidence.

Our Self Advocates service encourages those with diverse abilities to connect and create their own support network, providing each other strength, advocacy and continual guidance along the pathway to greater independence.

In order to fulfill our commitment in an ever changing and growing community, Pathways has undertaken an ambitious fundraising effort to upgrade our facilities and rtesources and allow us to offer more services to those we support. Our current facility at 555 Fuller Avenue has served us well over the years but has long since become insufficient for our needs and is in disrepair. To find out more about our ‘Project: Paving Pathways’, click here.