Community Role
Pathways encourages everyone we serve to be responsible and make their own decisions. It is our goal to help families and individuals forge strong connections with the community. Therefore, our role is to increase public awareness and support around the issues and needs of adults with disabilities. This involves working with the community and getting our message out. Finally, it is our role to demonstrate leadership and service excellence in all our endeavours.

Quality Service
Pathways is an accredited organization, with a very strong commitment to service excellence. The Society, in the delivery of its services is effective and professional. We endeavour to implement ongoing measures of effectiveness, keep abreast of the most current research in related fields, and meet the current standards of service within the community.

Community Resources
The Society strives to be a good community citizen. We seek to cooperate and form partnerships with other community agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, for the purpose of providing quality service for adults with disabilities within the community. It openly and freely shares information and resources that will enhance the lives of adults with disabilities.

Support for the Family Unit
The Society believes that the family unit, in its varying forms, is the basic building block of society and actively supports the family’s efforts to meet the needs of its members.

Individual Rights, Growth, and Empowerment
The Society believes that all individuals have the capacity for positive change and growth. Wherever possible, it seeks to provide individualized services and safe and positive services which foster individual growth, development and positive self-esteem.

The Society recognizes and supports the fundamental rights of individuals. It believes that services that are voluntary, involve the clients, and employ the least intrusive method in the shortest period of time are most respectful of client rights.

Human Resources
The Society values people as its most important resource. It achieves its mission through the work of its volunteers and employees and strives to ensure they are adequately trained, supported and rewarded. The Society seeks opportunities to achieve congruence between individual and organizational goals and fosters the concept of teamwork.

Outcome Orientation
The Society believes that an outcome orientation and feedback are essential to providing effective service. To achieve this service, the Society strives to monitor the effectiveness of its services through a regular survey of client satisfaction.