Activity Service

Provide opportunities for individuals to develop skills and abilities that promote self-esteem and independence through productive meaningful activities in recreation and leisure, volunteerism and life skill development.

Activity services are offered between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, which includes the Kelowna Diversified Industried (KDI) Woodshop. Services are offered at 2 community locations. Individuals may choose depending on the availability of service space to attend half days, full days, every day or only certian days/and or times depending on the referral from our funding body CLBC.

Services are provided on and individual or group basis.

Social Recreation Service

Provide community based evening and weekend social recreation opportunities to individuals to assist them in developing friendships.

Travel Club

Provide opportunities for individuals to travel; to rest, relax and have experiences outside their own community

Definition of productive meaningful activities:

Enables a person to participate in community
Mutually benefiting others
Enhances self worth
Improves health and wellness
Provides social interaction and enables the person to develop relationships
Enables a person to learn and develop
Enables a person to become self sufficient

Activity Service

Phone: 250-763-4484
Fax: 250-763-4488
Supervisor: 778-477-5543
555 Fuller Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 7W8