Individuals can receive services from KDSCL:
– Whose goals can be achieved in a KDSCL setting.
– Who get along with individuals currently receiving service.
– Whose support needs are well matched with the resources available. The following will be considered: amount of staff support required, emotional support required, physical support required and the amount of money available to provide the required supports.

Before a person can start receiving service from KDSCL they must complete and give KDSCL the following (required information):
– A referral from the funding body, with confirmation from the funding body of their endorsement of the placement.
– Copy of their most recent plan completed by CLBC.
– Application for Service (completed with KDSCL staff).
– Health and/or Support Protocols.
– Community Support and Consent form.

After receiving the information, an Individual Service Plan is scheduled. The first plan helps KDSCL gain a better understanding of who the person is and the type of service and/or support they want and expect from KDSCL. It also helps the person and their family or support network learn about KDSCL to determine if this is the best place to receive services from. When the person enters service a Discovery is completed. This helps KDSCL provide the best service possible to the person.
If the above information is not received within two-months, the person will be informed that they will not be considered for placement with KDSCL.

Other Information

KDSCL may not be able to provide service on the start date requested. In all service areas other than Integrated Career Opportunities (ICO), the person is put on a waitlist and receives service as soon as the resources are available based on the date that all the required information was received (stated above).

Persons requesting service from ICO have an initial assessment completed. Based on the assessment it is determined what the person requires to secure gainful employment. Once the person has completed the pre-employment requirements, they are placed on a waitlist for employment marketing based on the date all the required information was received.

Persons who apply with pre-existing funding will receive first priority for placement.

After beginning service, a person can request an increase in service or transfer to other KDSCL service areas through CLBC.

Individualized Funding (IF) & Home Sharing

IF is becoming a source of service funding that gives individuals and their families the power to purchase and control services that are provided to adults and children with developmental disabilities. IF funding can come directly to the person, their family and/or support network or through government contracts that are specific to the person.

IF is administered by private contractors, micro boards and community organizations.
Administrators (people who are responsible for) of IF have a responsibility to fulfill the expectations of the contract or agreement, which are clearer (explicit) than the general government contractual requirements. This includes the person controlling and directing services and possibly selecting their staff.
IF can be used to purchase day or residential services which includes home sharing.


Families and individuals discuss with KDSCL staff the type of service and support they want. IF KDSCL can provide what they want within the rules (parameters) of KDSCL’s policy and procedures, collective agreement and applicable laws and regulations, a contract or an agreement is written up and signed. Everyone will make every effort to adhere to what has been agreed to.

Activity Service IF position postings will only include the number of hours specific to the contract or agreement. Home sharing contracts or agreements do not state specific hours, just overall duties.

The person or persons involved in the hiring of staff or finding or creating home sharing will be made aware of the rules (appointment provision) of the collective agreement and will receive a summary of each of the people applying for the position including how long they have worked for the society. If required, they will also receive resumes or summaries from people who may have applied and are not currently working for the society. The people participating will ask questions that relate to gathering information on the person’s qualifications (experience, schooling and training), abilities (what they can do) and personal suitability (are they the right person). In the end, the persons with the IF funding chooses the person they want to work or live with them.

IF and home sharing service is monitored or checked by the designated or chosen KDSCL staff person. Each year, all those involved in IF and home sharing receive a KDSCL satisfaction survey. If the IF or home share contractor is billed monthly they are also asked if they are happy with their service when they receive their monthly invoice.

Home share providers are monitored as stated in their contract or agreement however at least once each year a KDSCL staff goes to the home sharing home and completes a written review of the service to make sure the person is safe, receiving the support and service they want and that the contract or agreement is being completed as it was written. KDSCL also contacts the person’s support network to get as much information as possible to make sure everyone is happy.