The purpose of the social recreation service is to:

Provide community based evening and weekend social recreation opportunities to individuals to assist them in developing friendships.

Have fun, get out and enjoy what our community has to offer.

Connect with new and old friends.

The service is for people with disabilities living independently and/or living with elderly parents or caregivers who are unable to provide the necessary support to access social and recreation activities in the evening and weekends.

Individuals requiring additional supports are encouraged to participate and bring their support person to assist them.

Transportation may be provided to people living independently or with elderly family members who are unable to drive or access public transportation.

To participate in events, individuals must pre-register and pre-pay. Participants will be asked regularly what they want to do! Registration may cover activities over a period of time or may be limited to one-time activities. Supports may include but are not limited to: transportation (outlined above), assistance with ticket purchases, planning and support at the events.

Events are on evenings and weekends and the cost and location are predetermined through the schedule. Please check out the monthly calendars of events.

Social Recreation Service

Phone: 250-763-9499